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AIR – Movie Review

Nike’s revenues for twelve months ending Feb. ‘23 was USD 50.62 Bn.  This was much higher than all its rivals put together!  Adidas’ 2022 revenue was USD 22 Bn, Reebok was USD 353 mn (was USD 1.9 Bn in 2006), PUMA was USD 8 Bn, and Converse was USD 1.9 Bn.  However, this wasn’t the way during the 1980s.  Adidas was the market leader followed by Converse, especially in the US, in the sporting segment. Basketball was becoming popular due to the greatness of the likes of Magic Johnson and others. A new talent was taking shape – Michael Jordan. He was not only inspiring scores of black kids in the US and across the world, rather an entire generation.  AIR is a movie not just about Jordan’s greatness, rather how Nike bounced up and above with its AIR sneakers and the future innovations around the iconic sportsman. The year was 1984. Nike, the underdog among the others in the fray to sponsor basketball players is in a state of dilemma. Sneaker sales are slowing down. Previous bets on players