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Kadaram Kondan – Film Review

I’ve always liked thriller films. And if it’s in Tamil (off late, there have been quite a few), then I give it a shot. And when it’s the second film as a Director for someone after receiving much acclaim for his previous thriller, even more. And if it’s featuring Actor Vikram, I would jump into. And that’s how I ended up watching Kadaram Kondaan today. The first 10 minutes set the film on a good note. And that’s quite important, for that’s where you hook the audience. And the entire film is edgy with slick editing and cinematography, what with yet another fantastic underrated performance by Vikram.   The film opens with a cute couple Aatirah and Vasu Rajagopalan (Akshata Hassan and Abi Hassan - Offsprings of Kamal Hassan and Nasser, respectively) get the scan done at a maternity hospital only to be overjoyed seeing the little one in the womb. The couple has just moved to KL, Malaysia and the dialogues represent they have had a love marriage which doesn’t have the blessing o

NGK - Film review

Nanda Gopalan Kumaran is out on Amazon Prime since last week. One of the fastest films to hit the OTT Platform, even as mass fans and critics dubbed it as another dud for being too preachy on the social front. Somewhat similar to LKG feat. RJ Balaji which released three months back. NGK is played by Surya, fondly called Kumaran all through the film. He resigns a cushy job after completing his BE and Ph. D only to pursue Organic Farming in his native village where he enjoys working on the earthy fields, watching the evening turn in to nights and so on. Or so, he convinces his Mother and even as his educated wife (Sai Pallavi) who seem to love his decision to stay back in the native village. Well.   Kumaran sees in a real situation how a local Village Counsellor commands so much influence on the Bureaucrats, in this case a Collector. So he decides to shun Organic Farming and suddenly become a hunchman cum errand boy for a powerful MLA overnight where he learns the tricks of