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Movie Review – Soorarai Potru

  “You are a Socialite, I am a Socialist”, quips Nedumaran Rajangam when he is offered to be bought out even before he begins his airline business by a character who goes by the name Vimal Balaiyya. In another scene, Paresh Goswami tells his team that Vimal’s luck in the business is only until his father’s wealth remains. Later, we see Maara and his friends break away the Business Class Seats to depict clearly they are against the Capitalist system. Below the belt dialogues and scenes, but well, that’s what Sudha Kongara’s latest outing “Soorarai Potru” is all about. Hard hitting, agenda led and drama. And all this, with least reference to the main character on whom the biopic is all about, Capt. Gopinath, Former IAF Pilot and Founder of India’s first low-cost airline, Air Deccan. Sadly, the real life hero is given credit only at the end of the film with some of his real life photos and lifetime achievements. Atleast in theatres, some people watch the scroll till the end while on Amazo