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Thalaivar Paraak, Get ready!

As Steve Jobs reckoned, when you connect the dots backwards, things make sense. Indeed. Muthu, directed by KS Ravikumar, Superstar’s lucky charm of the 90s was a super hit movie of it’s times. Ardent fans had favourite moments right from the word “Go” – when Thalaivar breaks a coconut and catapults into his Horse-carriage and sings along yet another philosophical song which remains one of his all-time favourites – Oruvan Oruvan Mudalali. Right before interval, the film moves in to a flashback and we see Thalaivar adorned as a Maharaja; what follows in the next 20 mins is yet another philosophical number – Vidukathaiya Inda Vazhkai… Vazhvai nee thedi, Vadakke nee ponaal, Naangal povadhengu… Every time the Superstar had decided to quit acting / public life and move to his favourite haunt in the Himalayas, fans cried.  More than anything else, this film had one of his earliest political dialogues – during the drama scenes as well as in the song Kuluvaalile – Katchiyellam ippo namakedukku,

Vada Chennai - Music Review

A decade after the gangster flick “Pudupettai” released, Dhanush’s next titled “Vada Chennai” directed by Vetrimaran is ready for release after being under production for a long time. The actor who received critical acclaim for Pudupettai has never looked back ever after in his film career spanning a decade and a half now. Over the years, Dhanush has matured immensely as an actor and has given some outstanding performances in Tamil films like Vengai, Padikkadavan, VIP, Power Pandi and many more as well as his Hindi outings such as Raanjhana and Shamitabh with none other than Amitabh Bachhan.  Vada Chennai is not going to be a sequel to Pudupettai. But the songs that were released on Monday, 23 Sep. 2018 have a similar antidote to the previous gangster outing. Santhosh Narayanan  in his 25th film "Vada Chennai" has once again played to the gallery with peppy numbers and a long list of songs. Off late, SaNa has been adding smaller tunes to the music playlist which are