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Rajinikanth as TN CM?

Superstar and Tamil Film Actor Rajinikanth floats a new political party with himself as the Leader. He plans to surround himself with his close friends from the film industry, academia and public service.  Here is the potential list of candidates who will hold key portfolios in the Government when elected. Chief Minister Candidate of Tamil Nadu: Rajinikanth Party Advisor: SP Muthuraman Party General Secretary: Sathyanarayana Home Minister: Ravi Raghavendra Rural Minister: Vijayakumar (Nattamai) Women & Child Welfare: Khushboo Sundar And many more names and portfolios to appear soon. The Party is expected to operate as a Public Charitable Trust with all its earnings getting in to the Trust, thus making it a transparent one. None of his family members will hold any position in the Party/the Government. Advantages for Rajinikanth to float a political party and also win in the elections; 1.   Clean public image – people consider his h

Film Review – Remo

I looked up to Dhanush during early 2000s. He had a unique demeanor. He was not the typical white-skinned or six-pack guy who would enthrall the first row to last row audience with his smashing fight sequences, romance sessions or emotional outbreaks. And today, he is one of the most sought after actor in Tamil and Hindi Cinema with huge openings at the Box Office every time his film releases. The next in line, I hope is Siva Karthikeyan. A young lad from small town Trichy who started doing comic performances on Tv, went on to have the largest movie cut-out in Tmail Nadu, just like his idol Superstar Rajnikanth. Yes, Siva made it to the top of the publicity screen outside Sathyam Cinemas in Chennai ahead of his latest release Remo right after the poster of Thalaivar for Kabali. This means a lot to him. I saw the film after three weeks of release at PVR at noon. The theatre was half full (I am being an optimist here!) which is not bad at all, given that pirated DVDs are out within 24h

Iru Mugan Film Review

The first thing that comes to my mind is that Vikram, should perhaps be named as the next Cine world Markandeyan, after thespian Sivakumar. Secondly, Vikram well deserves the Chavalier Award for his acting skills. What a guy! The amount of hard work this actor hs done in the past 20 years is stupendous. In almost all his movies, he carries the film completely on his shoulders. Unlike many stars who are kids of Cinema biggies, Vikram had none to bank upon. He has acted in some non-nameworthy films in his late 20s and early 30s. Ever since he received a break with his Sethu, Vikram has been on the rise. He does some powerful performances every now and then and also does some light characters to strike a balance. And this is what impresses me as an ardent fan of Vikram. In his late 50s, with his daughter getting engaged to a prominent city based business family, Vikram should be doing father roles, but that is not to be. With his brilliant skills of emoting and getting in to the ski

Kabali - Fanboy Moments

This was one occasion that I have been eagerly looking forward for the past one year or so - To watch FDFS of Thalaivar movie. And it happened. Had the darshan of Thalaivar Superstar Rajnikanth in and as Kabali at 4.10am on Friday, 22 July 2016 at Kasi Theatre Chennai.  Watch my film review to The Hindu at 2.26 in this video  which was taken outside Kasi Theatre on Friday morning. I have seen the film thrice back to back on Fri/Sat/Sun and now content to my heart about the movie, fully satisfied as a fan that Thalaivar has not given us just a movie but something very special.  At 65, him acting and taking so many risks itself is a great deal. And he has given us such a splendid performance. Many fans cried along with him in the scene where he reunites with his wife. Fans celebrated fatherhood when Dhansika calls him "Appa" in a particular scene. You may note that Thalaivar has never had a son in any of his movies, just like his real life, in which he has

Kabali - A Critic's review

So, finally Kabali has released. It's been over 72 hours as I right this and the euphoria doesn't seem to have faded. And Rajnikanth himself has returned to Chennai on Sunday night (25 July 2016) after his supposed treatment in the US. The film has been much looked forward to by his ardent fans, the Indian Industry at large, the distributors, theatre owners, and even small time printers of flex banners who get a huge business during his movie release. The film released worldwide on Fri. 22 July 2016 with much fanfare. I was among those who had Thalaivar darshan at 4am at Kasi theatre at Chennai. Was super delighted to see him on screen after a gap of two years. People expected to see a different Rajni portrayed in the film, as emphasised by the director of the film, P Ranjith from time to time. And yes, we did see a very different Rajnikanth in the film, something that we haven't seen in over 25-30 years. No over the board antics, no parallel comedy line, no antics like t

Rajni & I - The Lives

It's by now a known fact to a large section of the world how much of a Rajni fan I am, thanks to an article that appeared in the front page of The Economic Times Newspaper on Saturday, 16 July 2016. Read the online link here . I knew one day my name will appear in The ET but to be featured along with a news about my two favourite passions Rajni and Retail (my startup is a Hyperlocal Ecommerce Marketplace) was a double whammy. Here is the background - I tried procuring 4 tickets for myself for the opening weekend of Sivaji the movie in 2007 at Bangalore. However, I couldn't. That's when I felt how many people like me would be finding it difficult to watch a Rajnikanth magnum opus in the first week of its release. So, I reached out to INOX multiplex, one of India's largest Cinema Chains and asked them to give me a full Auditorium. Initially, they hesitated for want of any unwanted issues during the screening. I assured them that it would be a fully family s