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Jackpot - Film Review

I have been unemployed (read Entrepreneur) for the past 5 years. Have tried various tricks in the book and have had my hits and misses in my various attempts, ventures, and so on. All along, my wife has supported me a lot by motivating me and being by side even as I attempt a new escapade now and then apart from funding some of my (mis)adventures. Similar to Actor Surya. This gentleman supports his wife and actress Jyothika so much so that it awes me the kind of love and affection some people have for their loved ones. And Jackpot sums it up like no other.  In yet another attempt from Surya’s home production house 2D Entertainment, Jackpot is an out and out commercial masala film. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be. Jyothika and Revathi along with an extended crew including villain turned comedian Anandraj (in an interesting dual role), Yogi Babu, Manobala, Mansoor Ali Khan and Mottai Rajendran make one test their patience for over 140 mins. And succeed to some extent.