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A Man in Full

What happens when a person builds his or her business with a certain tenacity, has a repute of being self-made, going through all odds in life, who is eventually brought down by the same lenders or investors who helped him or her grow the business?  He / She fights it back and goes all out to ensure the business they built brick by brick, is retained somehow.  That’s the story of Charlie Crocker (Jeff Daniels) in this web series in Netflix. Charlie celebrates his 60 th with almost the entire who’s who of Georgia, Atlanta in tow. Much to everyone’s envy, Charlie who lives a high life, doesn’t disappoint the glitterati on his big day.  He was once married to Martha (Diane Lane) and is now living with his second wife Serena Crocker (Sarah Jones), after offering a settlement to his ex-wife and their teenage son.  Trouble brews when the Raymond Peepgrass (Tom Pelphre), the manager at Plannersbanc who lent Charlie’s business to fund his dreams along with his Boss Harry Zale (Bill Camp) deci

Jehanabad - Web Series Review

I am not a big fan of reading, writing or even discussing about the Naxal movement in India. On one extreme, they are (till date) gunning down their enemies – from upper caste leaders / personalities to those in power & bureaucracy including Politicians, Police and Forces. On the other, their claim of displaying their angst against the establishment for want of bringing about a change – I wonder, if the Western way of doing things has found results in India.   The Web series of the title on Sony Liv is a fictitious account of what happened on 13 Nov. 2005, when a huge group of rebels thronged the District Jail in Jehanabad in South Bihar. They freed their fellow comrades who were housed there, in a daring attempt of prison break-in, kidnapped a few leaders of the upper caste Ranvir Sena and sent a strong message to the State and Central Governments of their might in full public display. This whole incident happened late in the night and almost no civilian were attacked or injured a