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Varisu - Film Review

After almost a week of its release, watched Vijay’s Varisu. Went without any expectations as there has been a steady negative feedback about the film. In fact, the reviews mostly said the film was too much drama.   After coping for over 150mins, I am convinced with the popular verdict. The film is heavy on drama. But then, aren’t films meant to be that way? Will come back to this at the end of this article.  Vijay (Vijay) is sent out of his home by his father Rajendran (Sarath Kumar) as he fails to fall in line to his wishes. The family patriarch, father of three sons is yet to decide his successor of his sprawling business empire which is dominated by the mining fields and wants his sons Ajay (Shamsudern aka Sham) and Jay (Srikanth) to pitch themselves against each other. Not wanting to be a part of this rat race, Vijay relinquishes from the race. He travels around the country only to be called back home by his mother Sudha (Jayasudha).  On the occasion of Rajendran’s 60th birthday ce

Petta - Fanboy moments

Most of you who’ve seen Petta can resonate with many of Superstar’s movies over the past 40 years. Some are quite obvious, some are hidden gems. Am listing my few favourites here. The film starts with Thalaivar uttering the first dialogue - “Naan Veezhven endru ninaithayo!”. I could immediately connect with the opening scene of Muthu where he wishes the best for everyone, breaks the coconut and just when the horses scream - “Oruvan Oruvan Mudalali” song begins. Am sure Karthik Subburaj had this inspiration as well. All the more for Petta, since Kabali and Kaala were not up to the expectations of his hardcore fans, so KS had to ensure not only he delivers a blockbuster but also make Thalaivar say this dialogue, which is also something he openly mentioned in the 150th day celebrations of Chandramukhi where he mentioned he is not an Elephant, rather a horse and would get up just like that. Whattay fanboy moment when the film begins! The sarcasm that Kaali, the hostel warde