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TENET - Movie Review

We cannot erase our past, but we can ensure we erase our future so it doesn’t erase our past. Yeah. Read again. And again. If you can get what I’m saying, well, then that’s Tent for you. Tenet was the first big budget outing that will be remembered for being released worldwide in theatres even as the Covid-19 pandemic shook the world all through 2020. Be glad that there is no direct or indirect connect to China. For Christopher Nolan is known to intertwine not just screenplay but also multiple geographies in his films.  In Tenet, he has stuck to just 7 countries (or geographies) including Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Norway, the UK and the US as well as amchi- Mumbai displaying a brave bungee jumping act among others in Mumbai in an Antillia-like structure. Later, they gatecrash a part of Oslo Airport with a Cargo Airliner with minimum destruction to the structure (ser, perhaps!).  Tenet is fantastically (and fanatically written and conceptualised) by Nolan, someone who has always belted m

Like a Boss - Movie Review

I was casually browsing Amazon Prime and stumbled upon this movie’s 2-line review and was intrigued to watch it. For 2 reasons. It was about friendship. And Entrepreneurship. Two of the most important things I cherish in my own life. The 1 hour 20 film was a breezy roll with some great camaraderie, nonsensical stuff that closest friends end up doing, personal and professional challenges we all go through, especially when we decide to work “together” and finally the big and ugly world of “Vulture Capitalists” as it is being displayed in many films as well as in the general domain. The reality, is of course different.   Mia Carter (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel Paige (Rose Byrne) are two childhood friends who set-up and run a Cosmetics business and have adorned the cover of many a few local magazines and garnered awards. As is the case in many start-ups, they have built a great business running huge debts (read: Investments), especially with their signature “One-Night Stand” make-up kit which

Ford Vs. Ferrari – Movie Review

I bought my first car on 21 st  May 2005. I requested my close friend to drive her from the showroom on Residency Road, Bangalore to our neighborhood temple for a customary ritual before commencing my regular drives as I was jittery to drive 6 kms all alone plus I only had a 4W Learner’s License then while I rode his scooter alongside. Over the past 15 years, I have driven close to 2,85,000 kms across five cars – Santro (75,000 kms), Getz (35,000 kms), Verna (65,000 kms), XUV500 MT (85,000 kms) and currently XUV500 AT (25,000 kms) all these years. About 80% of all my drives would have been solo – either to workplace or outstation drives on National & State Highways. I have been a motorhead since childhood with a huge collection of Hotwheel Cars among other figurines which I mostly lost at school projects and gave away a few to friends and family.  My most favourite quote on driving has always been – “the journey should be as important and exciting as the destination