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Film Review - 24 The Movie

After a week of release, finally found time to watch 24 The Movie. I had consciously avoided reading reviews about the movie or talking about it to friends so I could save the suspense factor to myself. It was a Saturday morning show on the 9 th day of release at Inox Citi Centre. Sadly, there were not more than 40 people out of the 100 seater screen. That made me think, if the film was a blockbuster or not, contrary to what the producer and the film crew have been advertising on social media. Actor Surya, during the music release function told his fans outright to reject the film if it was not good, or rather good enough. He was honest when he said that though with much conviction - I watched the program which was telecast on Tv a week later after the function was held. So I went with limited hope. And thankfully, I was not at all disappointed. The movie is a class apart. On screenplay and direction, I would give a thumbs-up and a 8 rating on 10. The casting could have be

Amethyst - By the elite, Of the Elite, For the elite

It was my second visit to Amethyst and first with my wife. Wanted to show her how wonderful the place is. The previous time I had been there a few weeks back, service was awfully poor. The waiter couldn’t care less that I was seated and ignored me quite a few times until I asked him to serve me my coffee. After I was done, I offered to pay my bill using a credit card and the guy declined saying that the credit card would be accepted for bills above Rs. 200 only. I was shocked and protested after which he agreed to accept the card. Despite this I visited the place again because I really liked the place. And the food too. So my wife and I settled in at the cafe around 1pm. For the first 8-9 mins, no one turned up. Thereafter, the waiter walked in and asked what would we like to order. I suggested that basic courtesy calls for water to be served as soon as the guest arrives. The guy fashionably brings two bottles of water, one warm and one cold. I replied that we would prefer norm