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Netrikann – Movie Review

Lady Superstar Nayanthara has played a few unique characters in her career spanning 18+ years. In one of her earliest movies with Superstar Rajinikanth, her character was named “Durga” and she takes the same name in her most recent outing “Netrikann” in which she plays the role of a visually challenged person. In her earlier movie “Naanum Rowdydaan” pairing with Vijay Sethupathy, she appeared in a role who cannot hear anything. With this role, she has touched the emotions of millions of her fans with a fantastic portrayal, something very close to how a real person who cannot see the world would. Very few actors / actresses have played such a role so well, notable among them being Kamal Hassan in “Rajaparvai” and Rani Mukherjee alongside Amitabh Bachchan in the movie “Black”. Quite frankly, it is extremely difficult to “act” as though one cannot see.  Nayan has done justice to this role and has stepped up expectations on her, making the audience feel worthy of her title “Lady Superstar”

The cult of Chandramukhi

The distance from Koramangala to RT Nagar in Bangalore is around 14 Kms over 25 mins at that time of the day, rather night. But the bike ride felt eternal. My skin under the full sleeves’ shirt was shivering like never before. My closest experience to something similar was during the early 1980s when I watched “My Dear Kuttichathan” at Devi Theatre in Chennai. Be it a graphically shot snake coming out of a chandelier or the evil-filled Raja Vettaiyan walking with his sticks screaming “Laka Laka Laka” or the Rajapalayam Dogs barking fiercely and of course the extraordinary eye movements of the ecstatic Chandramukhi showing off her jewels, the entire movie was a bit on the edge when I watched it for the first time on this day, 15 years back. I feel the same every time I watch this film till now – around 50+ times during the past 180 months. The scary ride was because I was returning back from PVR at Forum Mall after watching First Day Night Show and Bangalore’s lonely roads were infamous

Darbar - Film Review

Superstar Rajinikanth has donned the role of a Policeman only a few times over the past 44 years in tinsel town. The most memorable one remains his uncanny performance as Alex Pandian in the film Moondru Mugam while the 90s’ Pandiyan and Kodi Parakkudhu were forgettable ones. Ever since, Thalaivar has stayed away from police characters for reasons best known to him. So, when it was announced last year that Darbar was on the anvil, fans were frenzied to see our action hero as a toughie-roughie cop. And we are not disappointed one bit. The film’s worth for his ardent fans is almost over in the first 15 minutes which is a treat to watch – the opening fight, thrashing goons with his policeman charisma and swag, threatening NHRC Officers in his inimitable style followed by the Chumma Kizhi song. As a hardcore fan for 4 decades, I said, “Ok, the reason I came is over. I got what I want”. Darbar is a tribute to Thalaivar and his fans by a Director who has always yearned to portray h

Mr. Local - Film Review

The much expected Sivakarthikeyan’s latest outing Mr. Local released on Friday, 17 th May 2019 amidst much hype and fanfare with 3 songs already being chartbusters over the past month or so. After a slam dunk that was his previous “Seemaraja”, fans and critics alike expected a super hit from the “Small Screen to Satyam” Hero who has had many credits over the past few years including his much acclaimed cross gender role in Mr. Remo. The Vijay Tv Mimicry artist rose to fame with Dhanush’s “3” Movie in 2011 and has seen a steady increase in his popularity, salary and of course Box Office RoI. He was acclaimed for his roles in films like Maan Karaate and Ethir Neechal as well as in comedies like Varuthapadada Vaalibar Sangam. But like with most heroes who hit a peak with 10 films, it’s been the same with SK being no exception who hasn’t been able to choose his roles carefully as he should. Perhaps. It was being rumored that the film crew led by SK wasn’t super impressed with the

Viswasam - Film Review

This is the fourth time Actor Ajith Kumar and Director Siva come together for Viswasam - in Tamil, Viswasam means loyalty. We celebrate their loyalty to each other too with this film. In all their past outings, it’s the protagonist safeguarding his loved ones - In Veeram, it’s his fiancee's family; in Vedalam it’s his stepsister, in Vivegam, it’s his pregnant wife and in Viswasam, it’s his daughter. What I appreciate the most of Siva is his portrayal of Ajith in each outing. He knows the actor’s strengths at the back of his head and pins the screenplay accordingly. But for Vivegam which was more a hollywood-type attempt with too much of foreign locales, Russian mafia and gun fights which Ajith’s hardcore fans couldn’t relate to, all the other films did reasonably well during their release. Viswasam has had a fantastic opening in B & C Centres, thanks to a meticulously planned Pongal release which was announced six months back by Director Siva and Sathyajothi Films.

Imaikka Nodigal - Film Review

Imaikka Nodigal Frankly, I didn’t read a single review before I went to see the film. All I knew was it was a crime thriller, Nayanthara on the lead and Anurag Kashyap on a negative role. I wasn’t even aware that Vijay Sethupathy played an important role in the film, although I had seen Atharva on promos. The songs were out long back and were peppy but were frankly passable. So, I went with a complete open mind to watch the movie.  Boy, I wasn’t disappointed.  From the first frame till the climax, it was an edge-of the seat (ok, not so much) thriller. The Director conned me at every stage when I predicted a certain outcome which was a great welcome that it wasn’t yet another crime thriller. The very motive of the serial killer Rudra is kept a secret till almost the film ends – I wouldn’t even call it a climax because the film ends suddenly even as you keep thinking the next twist set by the Director. The only predictable scene was when I thought Anurag would get shot and he did