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Vaanam Kottatum - Film Review

Among the most awaited movies of 2020 was Vaanam Kottatum. In a typical Mani Ratnam style movie (story & script is by him, btw) with a star cast that’s been resplendent over the past few years in his movie, Director Dhana sends home a message of, duh. Actually nothing.   VK is a family drama, a non-gripping father-son story that also involves the lives of those around. As is the case of many of the ace Director’s films, the story is loose with many open ends and makes the viewer wonder why certain characters even appeared. Like MJ. Sriram who’s only purpose was to offer a drink to a stranger who ends up at his home while there’s an IT Raid going on (we don’t know what business he ran and why they were there) at his scenic ECR-styled bungalow. I sincerely hoped this movie to be a head turner for Vikram Prabhu and Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, a sort of coup with kids of two yesteryear heroes coming together. But that wasn’t the case to be, finally. Shanthnu barely gets to share screen spacer