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Sarvam Thaala Mayam - Movie Review

There have been many films about Music. But STM is a very special one for me, being a trained Mridangam player since the age of 7. That I discontinued my learning of the art over Class 10 exams is partly fate, mostly stupidity as I not sure how much the Geography, Chemistry Lab tests and Integers that I prepared for the exams have helped me today or in life. But that’s for another post. Ace Director Rajiv Menon is back after two decades with STM, a dedication to the art and the artists in a very earnest way. Interestingly, through one of my Consulting Assignments, I happened to meet Rajiv two years back when I heard the script from him and was awed not just by what he had conceived but by the sheer storytelling as well. When I watched the movie on Netflix on my iPad aboard Shatabdi to Chennai a few days back, I was able to recollect every scene and with the same vigour and detailing with which I heard the story before. Hats off to this Director who’s style of Storytelling is top notc