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Thalaimai Seyalagam - Web Series Review

A sitting Chief Minister, running a party that is 50 years old, has to face trial over a case that is at least 17 years old. His daughter, son in-law and a political advisor are all looking to fill his large shoes, while the main Opposition party is busy trying to bring down the party in power.  A political drama unveils in Director Vasanthabalan’s political thriller “Thalaimai Seyalagam”. With a wide ensemble of actors, the Director has taken the liberty to craft a piece of work that is captivating and engaging enough for one to finish the entire web series in one go.  In deep interior Jharkhand, a woman is punished brutally, to which she takes revenge. The Director skilfully doesn’t reveal who she is until the climax. How I wish he never did, and continued with Season 2 of the web series.  Cut to Chennai, there is a lot of buzz at the house of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Arunachalam (Kishore). He is about to travel to a small town in Andhra Pradesh where the Hon’ble Judge is sa

State of Siege: Temple Attack – Movie Review

Almost two decades back, 2 terrorists from Pakistan descended inside the world famous “Akshardham Temple” at Ahmedabad in Gujarat on 25 Sep. 2002 and massacred 30 people apart from injuring over 80 of them. They held the devotees hostage within the temple precincts overnight while also killing many of them one after the other until a terrost in India’s captivity was released in to Pakistan border. That these events unfolded in full public view and occurred right after the 2002 Gujarat riots left a deep scar in the development model the State claimed. Much has been spoken, written, debated on the media as well as the subject getting international attention. But a film on this topic is one of the first titled “State of Siege – Temple Attack”, a Zee5 Original that released on the OTT platform on 9 July ‘21.   Written by Willian Borthwick and Simon Fantauzzo, the film has been Directed by Ken Ghosh and Produced by Rohini Singh and Abhimanyu Singh and features a long list of actors led by A