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Ford Vs. Ferrari – Movie Review

I bought my first car on 21 st  May 2005. I requested my close friend to drive her from the showroom on Residency Road, Bangalore to our neighborhood temple for a customary ritual before commencing my regular drives as I was jittery to drive 6 kms all alone plus I only had a 4W Learner’s License then while I rode his scooter alongside. Over the past 15 years, I have driven close to 2,85,000 kms across five cars – Santro (75,000 kms), Getz (35,000 kms), Verna (65,000 kms), XUV500 MT (85,000 kms) and currently XUV500 AT (25,000 kms) all these years. About 80% of all my drives would have been solo – either to workplace or outstation drives on National & State Highways. I have been a motorhead since childhood with a huge collection of Hotwheel Cars among other figurines which I mostly lost at school projects and gave away a few to friends and family.  My most favourite quote on driving has always been – “the journey should be as important and exciting as the destination