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Runway 34 - Movie Review

I have been on thousands of flight trips over the past 20 years, mostly on work. But when I was watching this  movie on a small screen, I was more tensed & worried than ever - not about the safety of flying, rather the nervous moments each Pilot, Co-Pilot & First Officer go through before every take off, landing and everything in between. Runway 34 is an excellent portrayal of what runs in the mind of such a pilot and his colleague, in a 2 hr suspense drama and mostly a fictional depiction of real life events. Produced and Directed by Ajay Devgan, the film was released on Amazon Prime on 14 July after a few weeks of theatrical run where the movie didn’t do well. On the midnight of 16/17 Aug. 2015, a Boeing 777 aircraft owned by Skyline Airway Company is flying from Dubai to Kochi. Capt. Vikranth Khanna (Ajay Devgan) takes the throttle along with his First Officer Tanya Alburqueque (Rakul Preet Singh). Just the previous night, Vikranth parties hard with his friends in a night cl