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Rajinikanth as TN CM?

Superstar and Tamil Film Actor Rajinikanth floats a new political party with himself as the Leader. He plans to surround himself with his close friends from the film industry, academia and public service. 
Here is the potential list of candidates who will hold key portfolios in the Government when elected.

Chief Minister Candidate of Tamil Nadu: Rajinikanth
Party Advisor: SP Muthuraman
Party General Secretary: Sathyanarayana
Home Minister: Ravi Raghavendra
Rural Minister: Vijayakumar (Nattamai)
Women & Child Welfare: Khushboo Sundar
And many more names and portfolios to appear soon. The Party is expected to operate as a Public Charitable Trust with all its earnings getting in to the Trust, thus making it a transparent one.
None of his family members will hold any position in the Party/the Government.
Advantages for Rajinikanth to float a political party and also win in the elections;
1.Clean public image – people consider his hands to be clean without corruption and has worked up …