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3M - Mani, Movies & Marriage

It is coincidental that I am writing this blog on the eve of Valentine's Day. Just that I found time for this only now. V-Day has been a rage in India for over two decades now. I have never lived in the West, so I don't know what kind of a fad it is there, but here, guys and girls take the event seriously. Some take it too seriously resulting in attempted suicides in the following week, which is very sad. For me, the essence of a relationship has clearly been marriage - I have been married for a decade now and we have had our share of best moments and some not-so-worthy-to-mention too. But, its all in the game. Being a sucker for commercial cinema, I have always been enthralled over the fact how movies capture the essence of marriage, starting from boy seeing the girl to proposing, dating, running around, getting married and fighting thereafter - only to live a few days or months or weeks or years together and everytime a fight occurs, either of them choose to hang on and mak

I - Movie Review

I have been a self confessed fan of Director Shankar for many years now. My first tryst with his direction dates back to Gentleman when I was still in school and had limited understanding of the art that is cinema. But he was one of those Directors, I thought then, who has a bright future since he had tread on a sensitive subject in that film with elan. I have enjoyed all of his movies thereafter. In each outing of his, he brought out a different panorama of film making - something that the commercial directors have always refrained from. His heroes were larger than life, be it the "One day CM" in Mudalvan or the "Bribery conscious old man" in Indian. Ofcourse, and naturally my most liked movies of his are Sivaji and Enthiran, which feature my personal matinee idol, the Superstar of Indian Cinema, Rajinikanth. After watching Sivaji, I felt that for a change, Shankar has made a film for someone else - for Rajini fans in this case. After a successful run, his

Madras Eye

Madras I There are two things that are making the news these days in the city, probably three. Madras, as the city has been known historically (and I choose to spell the city's name that way most often) is also the name of a recently released movie. Featuring Karthi, btoher of veteran actor Suriya, Karthi has been quite experimental with Tamil Cinema ever since his first release 5 years ago with Paruthi Veeran. He has played a village lad, unemployed Chennai youth, and many a time a happy go lucky guy. His box office records have been topsy turvy, where he has the most returns when least expected. Back to Madras, the film is shot in North Madras, which has been largely neglected in Kollywood for a long time. Except for a one-off gana song or a kuthu song, nothing has captured the imagination of this part of the city, which was also the original settlement along the sea shore. I have had the privilege of travelling to North Madras twice or more every week to work where my prev

Deepawali 2014 Movies on Tv

Big news coming our way... Kochadaiiyaan featuring Superstar Rajinikanth and Deepika Padukone, which is created using Motion Capture Technology for the first time in the history of Indian Cinema, is expected to be telecast on Jaya TV coming Deepawali. The film was directed by Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin, the younger daughter of Superstar and the Direction was overseen by ace Director KS Ravikumar. The film created a huge buzz with the kind of technology it had used but hardcore Thalaivar fans were a tad disappointed since they couldn't see their matinee idol in flesh and blood. All the seven songs, composed by Oscar Winner Isaipuyal AR Rahman were chartbusters and still remain favourites among music afficianados which was release at a Sathyam Cinemas in which Shah Rukh Khan was the Chief Guest. The film had a huge star cast including Nasser, Jackie Shroff among others and had a special role of actor Late "Nagesh", mimicked and performed by a comedian. It is expe

Change is the only constant

Change is the only constant. We have heard this before in our lives, from parents to elders to mentors to well wishers. But to convey it to the general public through a mass medium such as music and cinema is not only innovative but also a great attempt to get the point to the world at large. And this was very well done in the song "Maatram Ondrudaan" from the film Kochadaiiyaan. Penned by lyricist Vairamuthu, composed by  and sung by Haricharan, Superstar Rajinikanth has immortalized the number in the film. In fact, he has also read out a few lines which makes the song one of its kind ever. Positioned as a philosophical poem uttered by the warrior commander of the King's mighty army, the song can be related to our daily lives as well. Click on the picture to see the video. Summary; "Change is the only Constant". In the form of Kochadaiiyaan, Superstar Rajinikanth advises youngsters to be ready to face change. Here is a summary; Kochadaiiyaan asks y