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Dev - Film Review

Dev is a film about Meghna. Actually. There’s more “Meghna” in the film than Dev himself. Meghna is a young successful lady raised by a single mother. She doesn’t trust men due to her unsavoury childhood memories when her father deserted her. A classic case of rags to riches story, Meghna’s life is full of grit, determination and hard work for which she’s rewarded across the world while she runs a successful firm in the USA. That’s when she gets noticed by Dev, whose friends send her a Facebook request which she eventually doesn’t accept. After all, she has over 4,000 friend requests pending on her profile which she informs Dev when they meet for the first time. Dev impresses her over the course of time and they agree to live together all their life. For a frivolous reason, they get separated only to get back together on top of Mt. Everest, of all places. The film starts with Dev, a young man who’s fond of adventures trying to scale up the tallest peak on earth even as his is

Tidbits about Shankar, The Film Maker!

Being a fanboy of Shankar ever since his first film Gentleman in 1993, here are a few snippets I found out from the film 2.0. All the films of Shankar are named on the Hero / Key Character of the film except Jeans  although I wonder why - perhaps it was only his third film, so maybe he tried it differently. All his films have had the name of the protagonist such as Gentleman, Kadhalan, Indian, Mudhalvan, Boys (after all, the film revolved around all the four friends), Anniyan, Sivaji, Enthiran, Nanban, “I” and 2.0.  He seems to be a devout Hindu and references for this could be seen in most of his films. All his key characters have been Hindus and there’s a strong reference to the Almighty in every movie while in Enthiran, he takes to another level where Chitti, The Robot refers his creator Scientist Vaseegaran as the Go who created him. Subtle yet strong message that a Mother is God while for the machine, it is his Scientist. He has worked with AR Rahman in most pf his f

Iru Mugan Film Review

The first thing that comes to my mind is that Vikram, should perhaps be named as the next Cine world Markandeyan, after thespian Sivakumar. Secondly, Vikram well deserves the Chavalier Award for his acting skills. What a guy! The amount of hard work this actor hs done in the past 20 years is stupendous. In almost all his movies, he carries the film completely on his shoulders. Unlike many stars who are kids of Cinema biggies, Vikram had none to bank upon. He has acted in some non-nameworthy films in his late 20s and early 30s. Ever since he received a break with his Sethu, Vikram has been on the rise. He does some powerful performances every now and then and also does some light characters to strike a balance. And this is what impresses me as an ardent fan of Vikram. In his late 50s, with his daughter getting engaged to a prominent city based business family, Vikram should be doing father roles, but that is not to be. With his brilliant skills of emoting and getting in to the ski