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Film Review - 24 The Movie

After a week of release, finally found time to watch 24 The Movie. I had consciously avoided reading reviews about the movie or talking about it to friends so I could save the suspense factor to myself. It was a Saturday morning show on the 9 th day of release at Inox Citi Centre. Sadly, there were not more than 40 people out of the 100 seater screen. That made me think, if the film was a blockbuster or not, contrary to what the producer and the film crew have been advertising on social media. Actor Surya, during the music release function told his fans outright to reject the film if it was not good, or rather good enough. He was honest when he said that though with much conviction - I watched the program which was telecast on Tv a week later after the function was held. So I went with limited hope. And thankfully, I was not at all disappointed. The movie is a class apart. On screenplay and direction, I would give a thumbs-up and a 8 rating on 10. The casting could have be

Anjaan - Movie Review

This review is about a Tamil Movie which has a Tamil hero, a Tamil Heroine, a Tamil Director, a Tamil Music Composer a large star cast from Bollywood including the main Villain, and that's because the film is mostly shot in Mumbai. Or Mum'bhai'. Whatever. I wonder, if only Mumbai produces those dreaded Dons like Dawood, Chhota Shakeel and Raju Bhai (the film's lead and also the hero) that a number of recent tamil films have been shot there. Along with his close buddy (Vidyut Jamwal), Raju Bhai (Suriya) plays the role of a gangster. Though there weren't too many gory scenes of bloodbath as portrayed in other cult classics like Satya (directed by RGV and released in 1998), Shootout at Wadala, and so on, the film has its own share of guns, shooting and street violence. After a successful Singam 2 which was a sequel to Singam, directed by Hari, in which Suriya plays the role of a village inspector and later an Asst. Commissioner of Tutucorin, there were high hopes ridi