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From Cellaathaa to Chellamaa…

The Tamil month of Aadi (Aashada in Sanskrit / Hindi / Kannada, etc.) began on the 16 th  July 2020. Generally considered inauspicious, the traditional texts do not consider these months unholy, rather advises believers to focus on pujas, rituals and offering to forefathers, fellow humans and to deities in temples. It is more of a practice in Tamil Nadu not to release Films during this period, no matter what’s the caste or belief system of the lead Actors & Directors, as the Producer has the final say in this matter.  Starting from mid-August onwards, Tamil Cinema usually witnesses a dozen big releases of top stars as well as the usual 3-4 small budget film releases every week. However, during the Aadi month, even film pujas, music release functions, Award functions, etc. – nothing is conducted. Or so we thought all along.  Aadi month 2020 saw a surprise from one of the most celebrated duos – Anirudh and Sivakarthikeyan when they released a surprise video song of

Ford Vs. Ferrari – Movie Review

I bought my first car on 21 st  May 2005. I requested my close friend to drive her from the showroom on Residency Road, Bangalore to our neighborhood temple for a customary ritual before commencing my regular drives as I was jittery to drive 6 kms all alone plus I only had a 4W Learner’s License then while I rode his scooter alongside. Over the past 15 years, I have driven close to 2,85,000 kms across five cars – Santro (75,000 kms), Getz (35,000 kms), Verna (65,000 kms), XUV500 MT (85,000 kms) and currently XUV500 AT (25,000 kms) all these years. About 80% of all my drives would have been solo – either to workplace or outstation drives on National & State Highways. I have been a motorhead since childhood with a huge collection of Hotwheel Cars among other figurines which I mostly lost at school projects and gave away a few to friends and family.  My most favourite quote on driving has always been – “the journey should be as important and exciting as the destination