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War of Likes - Movie Review

Huma Qureshi said in an interview to a popular publication recently that she thinks it’s a waste of time to read each comment on her social pages! Well, she may have said it in a different tone altogether but what a 180* turn this is from the days of yore when the artists of yesteryears not only read (or asked someone to read) letters sent to them by their fans, they’d also reply back to most of them, some with gifts and courtesies. I honestly wonder if Huma would have said this if she is not as big a star she is today, thanks to her fans and the fraternity. Not that she has had successful commercial hits, especially with the BO disaster that Kaala alongside Superstar Rajinikanth that was. Well, to each her own. War of Likes is a film somewhat in the same lines, focussing on the lives and mentality of the millennials who believe their social score and public visibility quotient summarise their popularity among their friends and family. The number of followers on platforms such as Inst

Like a Boss - Movie Review

I was casually browsing Amazon Prime and stumbled upon this movie’s 2-line review and was intrigued to watch it. For 2 reasons. It was about friendship. And Entrepreneurship. Two of the most important things I cherish in my own life. The 1 hour 20 film was a breezy roll with some great camaraderie, nonsensical stuff that closest friends end up doing, personal and professional challenges we all go through, especially when we decide to work “together” and finally the big and ugly world of “Vulture Capitalists” as it is being displayed in many films as well as in the general domain. The reality, is of course different.   Mia Carter (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel Paige (Rose Byrne) are two childhood friends who set-up and run a Cosmetics business and have adorned the cover of many a few local magazines and garnered awards. As is the case in many start-ups, they have built a great business running huge debts (read: Investments), especially with their signature “One-Night Stand” make-up kit which