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Bunty Aur Babli 2 - Film Review

There are days when we just want to spend the day lazing around doing nothing. We pick up chores which are worthless, useless and a complete time pass. At the end of the day, we regret how we lost a precious day in our lives. At times, we feel happy that we ended up the day doing nothing and smile at ourselves. BaB2 is such a regretful day in one’s life, just that the makers spent a fortune (or perhaps not) making such a film, after all. The first edition feat. Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukherji and Abhishek Bachchan was a cult film, in a sense that it was a combination of a mild thriller, a comedy and ending up as a drama. But the sequel neither of these and is a long bore at best.   BaB2 opens up with a bunch of rich Dilli businessmen ganging up with alcohol glasses on their hands in a pool side villa with young girls in scantily dressed clothes. The event organisers Sonia Rawat Kunal Singh lure the men to a private destination that is known by the name “Virgin Islands” where, well as o

Relevance of Cinema Theatres

Two weeks back, we were watching Dharma Durai at home feat.  Superstar Rajinikanth on Raj Tv, a regional Satellite Tv channel that has remained in ”existence” for over 2 decades as a GEC. No matter which channel has innovated or grown, this one remains loyal to its user base telecasting movies of yore from the 70s, 80s and sparingly from the 90s. When Thalaivar appears in the first scene (in a negative film mode, a novel attempt by Director Rajashekar those days and repeated later by Director Suresh Krishna in Baasha!) and fights off the rowdies, I was howling, clapping and all excited in front of the TV screen much to the surprise of my kids – perhaps with almost the same enthusiasm I had when I watched First Day First Show at National Theatre, Tambaram ( a suburb of Chennai) on 14 Jan. 1991.  I was, with all glee sharing the events of that day with my  family when I witnessed lathi charge for the first time as Police was regulating the frenzied “rasigans” outside the theatre wh

Nerkonda Paarvai - Film Review

The last time I remember seeing Actor Ajith Kumar in such a heated courtroom conversation was in the film Citizen. Released in 2001, when Ajith was about 20 years younger, Ajith spoke at length so many memorable dialogues during the fag end of the film for over 10 minutes which went on to become a rage in the coming years for his fans and critics alike.  After that, I have seen Ajith in various roles – romantic on one hand, a stiff cop on the other, a local rowdy, an international arms dealer cum smuggler, a doting father recently, a loving husband, village chieftain and so on. But when I heard that Pink would be remade in Tamil and Ajith would helm the role of Big B (in the original), I wasn’t ready. Honestly. And I have been a big fan of Ajith for over 25 years, perhaps from the days of Ullasam where I really liked his role as a college goer turned truant but with a soft heart. I wasn’t sure if Ajith can carry forward the impeccable legacy left behind by the AB in the original.