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The White Tiger - Film Review

A young muslim boy aged 7 was distributing newspapers in a quaint town of South India many decades back. His school teacher who was a Hindu, identified him as a bright young man in the making and encouraged him to study well, though the boy had to still make ends meet for his poverty stuck family. Today, the entrance of Rameswaram, the town that he lived and grew up has an edifice of his lifetime work in the name and style of “Kalam Memorial” where a rocket that he commissioned in his early years stands proudly showcasing his years of work and dedication, before he eventually became the First Citizen of India and made his homeland proud. Other than this, there are many many such examples of people who have come up, literally from the rags and have risen to higher echelons of the society, in the professional, entrepreneurial and even political space. The White Tiger, now streaming on Netflix is about this phenomenon – Poverty Porn – as the name that has been coined for this as a referen

Unhinged - Film Review

unhinge   verb past tense:  unhinged ; past participle:  unhinged   make (someone) mentally unbalanced. "the loneliness had nearly unhinged her"      deprive of stability; throw into disorder. "a chain of events unhinges the structure of his family" Three things I learned early in my life to lead a better life – use PST liberally and without any hesitation or shame as the situation may be: Please, Sorry & Thank You. In many occasions, this has come in handy; in some it didn’t. After all, it requires a lot of grace to say these three words. And a lot more to accept them.   Unhinged   is all about one of these words. And how someone can bully another. Who bullied who? Later in this article. Rachel, very well played by Caren Pistorius, a single mother (in the making) is a distressed person due to various reasons and lives with her son Kyle (Gabriel Bateman who is in real only 14 years younger to her). While she’s rushing to drop her son to the school as she over-sl

B : BB - Film Review

  Corporate Politics has remained ever since Corporates have existed. Now, whether it is good for an Organisation or not is anyone’s guess. Similarly, should one play politics at workplace is another question which remains unanswered and is left to an individual’s prerogative at the end. Over the past 20 years, I have tried as much as possible to remain apolitical and without aligning too left or right with colleagues and this, has perhaps made all the difference. To my success, rather the limited success, as I reckon with no regrets at all over 24 years at work. Though I am quite happy with my outcomes, to be what I am after all, in my own style of working. I happened to watch two films back to back last weekend and it was only coincidence that the names of both the films begin with the alphabet, B. One was Beirut and another was Backstabbing for Beginners. Both were gripping screenplays, both were worth watching on a big screen and both were finely crafted, in my humble opinion. And