Film Review - 24 The Movie

After a week of release, finally found time to watch 24 The Movie. I had consciously avoided reading reviews about the movie or talking about it to friends so I could save the suspense factor to myself. It was a Saturday morning show on the 9th day of release at Inox Citi Centre. Sadly, there were not more than 40 people out of the 100 seater screen. That made me think, if the film was a blockbuster or not, contrary to what the producer and the film crew have been advertising on social media. Actor Surya, during the music release function told his fans outright to reject the film if it was not good, or rather good enough. He was honest when he said that though with much conviction - I watched the program which was telecast on Tv a week later after the function was held. So I went with limited hope. And thankfully, I was not at all disappointed.

The movie is a class apart. On screenplay and direction, I would give a thumbs-up and a 8 rating on 10. The casting could have been better. Surya plays a triple role, that of a Scientist, a role of the scientist’s son and another, which is a negative character which is that that of the Scientist’s brother. Hats off to Surya to agree to play a negative role, which no other hero in Tamil Film Industry has played in this form! However, his aggression in the negative role is very limited. Except for loud voiceovers, one couldn’t see him as an angry villain. The doting father character was reminiscent of his outing in Vaaranam Ayiram. The young man’s character was generic and mass and nothing much to boast about. Make-up, Costumes, etc. are chic and contemporary and nothing to rave about. Samantha is, as always the happy go lucky young and bubbly 20-something which she portrays flawlessly and walks away quietly with a simple yet powerful performance. Nithya Menen, somehow didn’t fit into the role, especially that of a mother. Other mallu girls in Tollywood such as Meera Jasmine, Asin, etc. have created an impact among tamil film viewers over time, so I am sure this girl has a long way to go too. Saranya Ponvannan is a rockstar. Brilliant performance all through. No other character than these four in the film stays in the mind after one has walked out of the cinema.

Director Vikram Kumar has handled certain portions very well, especially the rewinding of Mani’s assassination as well as how Athreya attacks Sethuraman in the rewind of the film. I also liked the thing about the six fingers, which happens to be a turning point in the story. Last but not the least, the watch coming back to the baby’s wrist – that was awesome timing and thinking. Kudos to the team.

Songs and Background Music once again well executed by Team AR Rahman. Team? Yes, I believe his machinery works nowadays as a team and with Rahman providing the thought process, his team works on the ideation and execution, I am told through various sources. Apparently, Rahman has 13 projects under his belt at the moment and it is only understandable how his machinery works. The opening song of a hero is a lullaby – probably for the first time ever. Shaktishree Gopalan has performed quietly yet with a massive impact. Mei Nigara by sid Sriram is yet another cute romantic number, shot in Europe. Kaalam yen Kadhaliyo by Benny Dayal, the single which was released much ahead of the music album is a visual treat to watch.

Overall, it’s a nice outing. Kids under 10-12 years may not understand clearly how this whole thing about a Time Machine works. Pure fantasy. I could sense even a few elders fumbling about some scenes during the Intermission as well as when we were walking out of the cinema. Surya, with his home production has set high standards for the Indian Film Industry at large to urge actors to make experimental movies with a home production – big move. Go watch if you haven’t yet, for the movie would always look better on a big screen than on Tv.


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