A Man in Full

What happens when a person builds his or her business with a certain tenacity, has a repute of being self-made, going through all odds in life, who is eventually brought down by the same lenders or investors who helped him or her grow the business? 

He / She fights it back and goes all out to ensure the business they built brick by brick, is retained somehow. That’s the story of Charlie Crocker (Jeff Daniels) in this web series in Netflix.

Charlie celebrates his 60th with almost the entire who’s who of Georgia, Atlanta in tow. Much to everyone’s envy, Charlie who lives a high life, doesn’t disappoint the glitterati on his big day. 

He was once married to Martha (Diane Lane) and is now living with his second wife Serena Crocker (Sarah Jones), after offering a settlement to his ex-wife and their teenage son. 

Trouble brews when the Raymond Peepgrass (Tom Pelphre), the manager at Plannersbanc who lent Charlie’s business to fund his dreams along with his Boss Harry Zale (Bill Camp) decide to come down heavily on him, right after the 60th birthday bash.

In a meeting to discuss the impending dues that he owes to the Bank – over USD 1 billion and another USD 400 million to other banks, Charlie is outright insulted by Harry at the bank’s HQ and in front of his wife, Serena. Raymond takes on it personally to bring down Charlie, who has otherwise humiliated him a lot over the course of time.

Charlie reaches out to fellow billionaire Herb Richman (Josh Pais) and flies him in his private jet to his resort Turpmtine, to try and make a deal to sell of the asset, so he can make a partial payment to the bank. 

The deal unfortunately doesn’t go through due to Charlie’s overtures at the resort, especially by Richman’s wife.. Upon their landing at the airport, Charlie is insulted once again at the private hangar where the plane, along with another one are confiscated by the bank, by Raymond and Harry. 

Roger White (Aml Ameen), the personal lawyer attached to the Crockers’ reaches out to Charlie for him to make a deal with Wes Jordan (William Jackson Harper), the incumbent Mayor who is running for another term in Atlanta. 

Wes urges Charlie to broke a deal where the latter would bring down the name of Norman Bagovitch, his former soccer mate, who is also running for the office of the Mayor of Atlanta and improve Wes’ chances of winning once again.

Wes assures Charlie that the ongoing matters by the bank will be put on hold, citing public reasons that bringing down such a corporation is not in the best interest of the state.

Conrad Hensley (Jon Michael Hill), a man of colour gets into an altercation with the local traffic police over a simple parking violation and ends up physically assaulting a cop on duty upon provocation and is put behind bars. 

Conrad works at the wareshouse of Crocker’s Grocery unit and his wife Chanté (Jill Hensley) is Charlie’s Executive Assistant.

Roger White gets into the act to get a bail for Conrad, but the District Judge is of the view that such an act of violence by a civilian against a Cop on duty doesn’t bode well for the society and specifically for the state of Georgia.

Not only does he reject the bail plea, but also sends Conrad to the dreaded Fulton Prison, which is reserved for the most notorious convicts or those facing trial.

Wally Crocker (Evan Roe), is split between his mother and father’s views in life. 

Charlie coaxes Wally to live a full life on his own terms, just like how he has built his reputation, honour and business. However, Wally with the outlook of a GenZ has a completely different take.

Raymond makes friends with Martha and strikes a deal with her – professionally and personally. 

After hitting on her for a while, he ensures she signs up to be a part of a Syndicate (of Investors) that comprises of Herb Richman and himself. The Syndicate, will therefore take control of The Concourse – the iconic tower that Charlie has built and stands as a testimony for his hard work.

Will Raymond succeed in this covert operation? Watch the webseries on Netflix to know.

PS: Profanity and occasional obscenity abound. Take caution while watching with kids.


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