Iru Mugan Film Review

The first thing that comes to my mind is that Vikram, should perhaps be named as the next Cine world Markandeyan, after thespian Sivakumar. Secondly, Vikram well deserves the Chavalier Award for his acting skills. What a guy! The amount of hard work this actor hs done in the past 20 years is stupendous. In almost all his movies, he carries the film completely on his shoulders. Unlike many stars who are kids of Cinema biggies, Vikram had none to bank upon. He has acted in some non-nameworthy films in his late 20s and early 30s. Ever since he received a break with his Sethu, Vikram has been on the rise. He does some powerful performances every now and then and also does some light characters to strike a balance. And this is what impresses me as an ardent fan of Vikram. In his late 50s, with his daughter getting engaged to a prominent city based business family, Vikram should be doing father roles, but that is not to be. With his brilliant skills of emoting and getting in to the skin of the character, Vikram never ceases to disappoint casual cine-goers as well as his fans.

He hasn’t let us down in Irumugan as well. In this film, he plays two roles, two unique characters. The protagonist is a RAW agent and takes revenge on the baddie who was responsible to kill his wife on the day they get married. The “other” guy as I would put it mildly (no offence) is an expert in Chemical warfare and is on a mission to destroy the world with terrorist organisations. While the “other’ character has prosthetic make-up, which Vikram has elucidated in the Shankar starrer I, is once again up in the screen, albeit mildly this time. I personally liked both the characters, especially the bearded hero character. Nayanthara pairs with Vikram for the first time and their chemistry is quite fine. Nayan’s dubbing is horrible, to say the least, while I wonder why they did such a bad job in that area. Screenplay is racy while being afresh with the core subject. However, some scenes are predictable such as the one featuring Amnesia of the heroine, which is stale and old. Nithya Menen, whose appearance is brief and subtle makes her mark. This is the second film after 24 (feat. Surya) ,where she plays second heroine without much scope for performance. I liked it that the Director has included “OK Kanmani” in a particular scene, which was very thoughtful. There is no comedy track as such but Thambi Ramaiah does a neat job and travels along with the main characters all through the film.

Music by Harris Jayaraj is a pluspoint along with its BGM. Harris seems to follow his signature style and the songs have been chartbusters for a while, especially Halena. DoP has done a splendid job, showing us beautiful parts of Kashmir in a particular song. Stunts are equally well packed and the film seems to be a wholesome family entertainer. At the end of the day, this is an out and out Vikram film, with both characters played effortlessly by him and the bearded guy, who is familiar in our society these days with many youngsters sporting that look, remaining in our hearts when we come out of the theatre. Overall, good film to watch out with an interesting script and twists and turns. My Rating: 8.5 on 10.


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