Kaatru Veliyidai - Alaipayuthe Part 2

So, I got the opportunity to see the First day First show yet again for another film, this time at Abirami Cinemas, Chennai. It was a full house as expected. Most of the fans who were cheering and whistling when Mani Ratnam, AR Rahman, Karthi and Aditi’s names appeared on the screen must have been in liquid form when Alaipayuthe was released. I compare Kaatru Veliyidai to Alaipayuthe because in a way, this film is a sequel, if I may say. Mani once again delves on his most favourite subject Marriage & Relationship, which I had written in a previous article which you can read here. Having seen Alaipayuthe during my college days, I could relate to this movie and see why the Millenials cheered all through the movie especially during certain scenes and dialogues.

The film is shot in and around Srinagar in bits and a majority are sets recreated and the backdrop of the film is another Mani Ratnam favourite – War. This time it is the one India fought & won at Kargil. The whole movie is a visual treat with the most beautiful Kashmir shown so elegantly and the fall of the Pakistan flag in a scene when the whole theatre cheered so loudly. To see fighter jets take off and land is a bonus. The film is a love story between two people with a lot of other characters woven in the film, another trademark of a Mani Ratnam film. Though it’s about 30 years since his biggest hit Mouna Ragam released, Mani continues to be the master of narrating love stories in a way that is unique to him. This film will be for the Millenials what Alaipayuthe was for us, the previous generation.

Karthi. Am personally so happy for this guy for he got to do this film with Mani. What a transformation from the non-stop chatter-box boy next door guy that he used to be in his previous films to where he has landed up in KV! Boy, am impressed. Perhaps, he may not do another film with Mani. Or vice-versa. But his performance stands out. From the opening scene till the end, it’s him all the way. Aditi didn’t seem a bit like a newcomer. And dubbing – Wow. No way one could say she doesn’t know Tamil. A bit of melodrama here and there but that’s what her character is in the film. She plays a Doctor. Soft-spoken but a strong woman.

The story is of an Air Force pilot falling in love with a Doctor but they are comparable to darkness and light. As Varun (Karthi) says rightly, what is light without darkness. So true. It’s a relationship I can relate to in my own life. And so many of you can, perhaps.  Many times, a couple (or a to-be couple) prefers to break the relationship because of the factors that they think are not aligned to each other. Successful relationships are all about over coming that. And that’s what KV is all about. It’s almost a musical in a way with 3 songs playing mostly in the background while Azhagiye, Vaan Varuvaan and Sarattu Vandiyile are beautifully picturised. Again, one can relate to so many references, frames and visuals with previous outings of Mani Ratnam all through the songs. Those in their late 30s and 40s are sure to feel nostalgic. Those in their 20s would love the concept of the film. Those above 50 may not have much to say about the film anyway. AR Rahman has carried the heavy burden of the story and narration partly on himself. The music is mesmerizing and travels along with the film.

If you like relationships, nurturing them, especially and giving your best, then go watch Kaatru Veliyidai. Am sure you won’t regret watching it.


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