KhalnayAK Vs. NayAK

Well, I decided to call it “Nayak” myself as the film is all about the Nayak and his Khalnayak. Or the other way around. So it sounded all the way from frame 1 till the climax with a twist. With the way the film ended, I won’t be surprised if the makers end up making a sequel to the movie. Rather, a prequel, up to where Anurag Kashyap and Anil Kapoor argue on a stage where Anurag teases Anil to the hilt and their admonishment of each other not just amuses the live audience, rather shocks them with the turn of things in the first few mins of the film rolling on. 

AK vs. AK is supposedly a “real-life movie” starring Director Anurag Kashyap and Bollywood Superstar Anil Kapoor as themselves. Apparently, there’s a former rivalry between the two and things take an ugly turn with Anurag kidnapping none other than Sonam Kapoor who appears as herself in the “movie”. He sets a deadline unto sunrise next morning by when the actor has to search for his daughter all across Mumbai city and it’s suburbs. He cannot tell anyone about the “kidnap” lest his daughter will get killed, as per the FaceTime conversations the Actor has with the face-covered kidnappers. Whether he finds her and saves her in flesh and blood is the film all about. And Anurag is actually shooting the entire proceedings along with his intern (or an AD) with a handy-cam all along the 90 mins of the film’s narrative. 

The Actor’s professional life has taken a dip over the last few years (as per the movie script) and he’s on a spree trying to find a new path for himself with people calling him “Yesteryear Superhero” which annoys him a lot. Mostly known for his macho roles all the way from Mr. India in the early 90s until the much popular “Nayak” of the 2000s, Anil Kapoor (in real life) has indeed played a number of roles and characters. But in this, as a real life father, AK as he likes to be called by everyone and is called by the same acronym even his own son in the film, Anil plays an extremely heavy character of a Dad willing to do anything for his Daughter. Quite literally. He sings and dances for a tapori number (my name is Lakhan) in front of a live audience which is celebrating Christmas at an open ground in Mumbai which is surprised to see the Star in front of them. Thereafter, he is seen chasing a taxi driver who could give a clue of where his daughter is closeted. 

Much before that, he patiently clicks pics with everyone who wants to take a selfie or the other at a Police station where the Cops are made to believe by Anurag that this is all for a film and he’s simply trying to make it real. In another scene, he is seen running from one platform to the other at a city railway station and finally falls off the road when a speeding car hits him (well, I guess this obviously has no reference to the day today activities infamous in the city, forget not a popular actor known for this either!). 

At one stage, the film is moving at a nail-biting speed. At another point, one is wondering how many more nails are left to bite. From a racy script to a boring drab, Anurag shows his many facets until he finally starts “acting”, rather he’s being real. Until Anil double crosses him and makes the story end at some stage. I am glad the makers decided to do so as well. Lest, this could’ve been converted to one of those OTT Series which drag on and on, just like the soaps and serials on GECs. But what I loved was the many moods of Anil Kapoor the actor. Whether he is at his casual self dining with Boney or he tries to outsmart the Hotel Manager or simply walks off after getting snubbed by an Event Organiser who simply says, “We have booked Sonam Kapoor for the Fashion Show, not her Father”. Hats off Sir.Loved your expressions. Especially playing a real life Dad, which I guess is something your fans would love to see. 

There are no songs (thankfully) in the feature film but for a montage track. Anurag proves yet again that he is an average actor of sorts. Thankfully, he has only co-produced on a dark script which only a few like him would want to touch. The film is all about the AKs. Go watch if you’re willing to sacrifice some time and date for the love of “Reality Cinema”. Or how Director Vikram Motwane would like it to be called. As a bonus, you get to see some other stars incl. Anil’s extended family, his own house, Film City, a Caravan and a long night drive in a Merc. And thank you Netflix from saving Distributors, Exhibitors & the Audience. Appreciate it.  


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