Anjaan - Movie Review

This review is about a Tamil Movie which has a Tamil hero, a Tamil Heroine, a Tamil Director, a Tamil Music Composer a large star cast from Bollywood including the main Villain, and that's because the film is mostly shot in Mumbai. Or Mum'bhai'. Whatever. I wonder, if only Mumbai produces those dreaded Dons like Dawood, Chhota Shakeel and Raju Bhai (the film's lead and also the hero) that a number of recent tamil films have been shot there. Along with his close buddy (Vidyut Jamwal), Raju Bhai (Suriya) plays the role of a gangster. Though there weren't too many gory scenes of bloodbath as portrayed in other cult classics like Satya (directed by RGV and released in 1998), Shootout at Wadala, and so on, the film has its own share of guns, shooting and street violence. After a successful Singam 2 which was a sequel to Singam, directed by Hari, in which Suriya plays the role of a village inspector and later an Asst. Commissioner of Tutucorin, there were high hopes riding on Suriya for this film. For his die-hard fans, its a let down.

While he has indeed given his best as usual, be it his chemistry with the beautiful looking Samantha or his stern dialogue delivery with the baddies. But the script is a let down. Lingusamy has seen so many successes in the past and is known for his racy screenplay but there are too many loopholes in this script. For example, the Mumbai Commissioner's role is of no use except for one arrest, yes just one significant arrest. His daughter runs away from an arranged marriage and falls in love with Raju Bhai. She even lives in disguise under a purdah assuming the Hero would make a come back one day. The toothpick gimmick of Raju Bhai is interesting but not a killer of an idea to become a rage. The most dreaded goon of Indian Cinema of the 90s, Manoj Bajpai plays the baddie in the film as Imran Khan and is reduced to his patta patti underwear in one particular scene - well, I have never worked with Dons but those sophisticated fellows dont do this sort of thing for sure.

What was interesting in the film was when Raju Bhai tries to shoot Khan with a pistol but he escapes - and that's because he appears in 3D Hologrom! Whoa! That's a technological leap for Tamil Cinema (sic).

Music, overall is a let down. The film has five numbers with one being sung by Suriya himself although his voice sounds very strange which he claims was due to severe cold when that particular number was being recorded. Title song "Bang Bang" is already a chart-buster but unfortunately didn't help in the box office collections of the film. Yuvan Shankar Raja has certainly not given his best for this film, probably since he was going through a rough patch in his recent past and that came in between his work.

Overall, the film is watchable once. I wonder if it would get the same kind of response in Tv every time Suriya's other films are played. If you haven't still seen the film, go watch it for the love of Suriya.

Here is the link for the film's audio on iTunes


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