Jackpot - Film Review

I have been unemployed (read Entrepreneur) for the past 5 years. Have tried various tricks in the book and have had my hits and misses in my various attempts, ventures, and so on. All along, my wife has supported me a lot by motivating me and being by side even as I attempt a new escapade now and then apart from funding some of my (mis)adventures. Similar to Actor Surya. This gentleman supports his wife and actress Jyothika so much so that it awes me the kind of love and affection some people have for their loved ones. And Jackpot sums it up like no other. 

In yet another attempt from Surya’s home production house 2D Entertainment, Jackpot is an out and out commercial masala film. At least that’s what it’s supposed to be. Jyothika and Revathi along with an extended crew including villain turned comedian Anandraj (in an interesting dual role), Yogi Babu, Manobala, Mansoor Ali Khan and Mottai Rajendran make one test their patience for over 140 mins. And succeed to some extent. Intermittent songs eulogising the heroine, slap stick comedy (!!) here and there and double entrendes including mocking other actors – from Surya to Vijay to Ajith to Rajni & Kamal, Jyothika has taken it very boldly and doesn’t disappoint one. Simply loved her screen presence and self-confidence in carrying off this role, really. Hats Off. Like my daughter who loves the Singam Franchise and Surya’s action-packed acting skills, Jyothika also seem to love them and has attempted many stunts all through the film and has performed well. Although the film is heroine-centred, knowingly or unknowingly, Anandraj get a major piece of the cake that is Jackpot. Fantastic performance and lively to see how he has metamorphosised himself over the past three decades. I hope he does more meaning roles and films in the future.

Jackpot opens with a scene in a village from the 1920s where a milkman cum farmer gets a bounty that is a vessel from the earth while digging. He realises that it is the eponymous “Akshaya Patra” which was akin to the one used by Draupadi in the Mahabharatha, where whatever goes inside the vessel keeps coming out non-stop. The poor milkman gets richer, only to be robbed off his coveted vessel by thieves and the vessel gets drowned in the sea which is collected by Actress Sachu 80 years later and passes on the information to the Akshaya-Maasha duo who try to attain it till the last frame and of course, like in cinema always, want to help the poor and needy with this “jackpot” although the two are notorious small-time thieves themselves. I liked the names of the two – Akshaya & Maasha, which reminds us of the 1990s film where Revathi, Prabhu and VK Ramasamy run a laugh riot all through in “Arangetravelai” while Akshaya sums up the coveted vessel.

Too many star cast gets the film overtly confused and at times we wonder why do some characters even popped up only to later realise that each of them have an interesting past, be it Manobala or Sachu. Yogi Babu, after sharing screen space with all top heroes and with Nayanthara in KK now shares an interesting space with Jyothika. And he has carried his role pretty well. 

I really wonder what Director Kalyan is actually trying to say and thankfully, he leaves it to the esteemed audience to guess without getting preachy in the climax like TSK or NGK, etc. The film eulogises and condemns false-belief of various sorts from a street side small time Astrologer (Budubuduppukaaran!) to kids making their parents believe in the old saying that money grows on plants, only to cheat the elders. Vishal Chandrashekaran has once again done a neat job with the BGM although none of the songs are noteworthy or would remain in public memory for long. Cinematography is fresh and colourful, so are the stunts involving Jyothika & Revathi. This film would, probably be played more on Tv channels over the years although there would be fewer takers even then, like at cinemas now. Wait for the film to come on Amazon Prime shortly – may be 2 weeks at the maximum. Sunday time-pass, perhaps.

The film ran less than half full on a working day noon show!


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