Varisu - Film Review

After almost a week of its release, watched Vijay’s Varisu. Went without any expectations as there has been a steady negative feedback about the film. In fact, the reviews mostly said the film was too much drama. 

After coping for over 150mins, I am convinced with the popular verdict. The film is heavy on drama. But then, aren’t films meant to be that way? Will come back to this at the end of this article. 

Vijay (Vijay) is sent out of his home by his father Rajendran (Sarath Kumar) as he fails to fall in line to his wishes. The family patriarch, father of three sons is yet to decide his successor of his sprawling business empire which is dominated by the mining fields and wants his sons Ajay (Shamsudern aka Sham) and Jay (Srikanth) to pitch themselves against each other. Not wanting to be a part of this rat race, Vijay relinquishes from the race. He travels around the country only to be called back home by his mother Sudha (Jayasudha). 

On the occasion of Rajendran’s 60th birthday celebrations (on his 65th birthday), Jay and his wife have an ugly dispute while Ajay’s creditor insults him in public. Rajendran decides to announce Vijay as his successor (Varisu) as he is fighting pancreatic Cancer and wishes a peaceful departure. Ajay and Jay leave the home; the family is shattered. How Vijay brings back everyone together and ensure his father departs peacefully is the rest of the story. 

The film is so much drama. But isn’t that what movies are meant to be? Drama is a genre, just like Comedy or Romance or Horror or an action thriller. Wonder why a section of the audience hates this genre. Perhaps, many of us already face enough drama at home and hence we wish not to see it on screen. 

Sarath Kumar is almost 70 yo and has acted well for his character. Same with Prabhu who plays Dr. Anand. Such a subdued character indeed. Wonder what was the use in even having the super good looking Rashmika Mandana in the film, save for two songs, one before interval and another before climax. The biggest let down by the film’s Director Vamsi is Prakashraj’s character as Jaya Prakash. Neither does he pack his role nor does he even emote as good he used to. 

Thaman seems to have a stereotype model for himself and one can sense it in many of his other movies. 

Varisu is an out and out family drama and doesn’t let you down. Watch in theatres and enjoy the popcorn.


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