Petta - Music Album Review

Releasing “Singles” ahead of the main album release has been prevalent in Tamil Cinema for over 4-5 years although I don’t recall which was the first movie which did this. So Music Director and Film Director of Petta Anirudh and Karthik Subburaj released the first single “Marana Mass” on 3rd December which opened to a thunderous response and garnered 1 million views on YouTube in just 4 hours. 

This was followed by another number “Ullaallaa” which released on 6 Dec., a peppy number with a bit of reggae and rock. Finally, the full music album was released on 9 Dec. 2018 at a grand gathering which was well attended by the Cast & Crew of the film including Superstar Rajinikanth and Kalanidhi Maran of Sun Pictures. Subsequently, Sony Music released the entire album on YouTube the same day at 9pm and finally Amazon Music released it on 10 Dec. 2018 at 6pm.

Marana Mass is a peppy tune sung by Anirudh and a short yet interesting part sung by SPB, perhaps as the voice for Superstar. Ilamai Thirumbudhe is a solo romantic number sung by Anirudh and I guess this is the flashback portion with Simran which Superstar mentioned in the Audio Release event. Petta Paraak is a number eulogising Kaali, the key protagonist of the film. Aaha Kalyanam is my most favourite till now and is sung by Anthony Dasan (his previous number Kaasu, Panam, Duddu Money is a favourite for Superstar and he actually mentions this in his 2015 outing Lingaa in a scene!). 

This song explains the travails of a married man and the following lines took me by surprise; “Superstar aanalum Singama vazhndaalum veetukkul konjanum, appoppo kenjanum”. I have a faint guess that Trisha plays the role of Kaali’s sister and this song is perhaps during her wedding. Am waiting to see how Anthony’s voice suits on Thalaivar. 

Ullaalllaa is another peppy number with typical “message:’ famous in the songs of Superstar since 90s. From philosophy to life lessons, the song encompasses everything. Apart from the five songs and one chorus, there are four Theme songs. Petta Theme is all about the “gang” - am presuming the film is about gang wars and the protagonists gang reemphasise their status here. Madura Petta is all about south Indian classical with Travel and Nadaswaram - I guess this would also be part of the flashback in Madurai. 

Singaar Singh, as we already know by now is around Nawazuddin Siddique who plays a key role in the film. Antagonist Jithu, portrayed by Vijay Sethupathi who was all praise by the Superstar at the Audio Launch gets two Theme songs, the second one having a bit of Hindi lyrics as well. Overall, a power packed album with a running time of 28 mins. Addictive and will remain in memory for long, am quite sure.


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