Mr. Local - Film Review

The much expected Sivakarthikeyan’s latest outing Mr. Local released on Friday, 17thMay 2019 amidst much hype and fanfare with 3 songs already being chartbusters over the past month or so. After a slam dunk that was his previous “Seemaraja”, fans and critics alike expected a super hit from the “Small Screen to Satyam” Hero who has had many credits over the past few years including his much acclaimed cross gender role in Mr. Remo. The Vijay Tv Mimicry artist rose to fame with Dhanush’s “3” Movie in 2011 and has seen a steady increase in his popularity, salary and of course Box Office RoI. He was acclaimed for his roles in films like Maan Karaate and Ethir Neechal as well as in comedies like Varuthapadada Vaalibar Sangam. But like with most heroes who hit a peak with 10 films, it’s been the same with SK being no exception who hasn’t been able to choose his roles carefully as he should. Perhaps.

It was being rumored that the film crew led by SK wasn’t super impressed with the the way the film had turned out to be and were planning to reshoot many sequences. How I wish they did. For the film in it’s current form is difficult to digest for various reasons. 

In the opening scene, we see remand prisoners playing football in a foreign country while all of a sudden Manohar kicks the final ball to hit the goal amidst cheer and happiness of fellow teammates. What follows is a long flashback which lasts almost up to the last 15 minutes before the film ends. Manohar is a happy go-lucky youngster (yet again, like in Mr. Romeo & Velaikkaran among others) who lives in Chennai with his widowed Mother and younger sister. Works in a Car Showroom and enjoys his daily life with his two friends – who incidentally don’t see face to face nor or seen in a single scene (thankfully) for reasons best known. In a sudden turn of events, Manohar and Keerthana (Nayanthara) antagonize each other for a silly street fight which turns out to be the main plot of the film. Thambi Ramiah as Keerthana’s sidekick doesn’t help the cause much but the film moves in a snail’s pace with SK’s extreme histrionics in almost every scene. So much so that SK imitates Superstar Rajinikanth in many parts of the film – the opening scene where he mutters and murmurs that he has nothing to say about poll violence or ethnic slurs; laughs like Chitti and even makes the “Cuckooo” sound of 3.0 and some punch dialogues which never make the cut. Director Rajesh has attempted yet another comedy which I guess he likes to enjoy in his drawing room with pop corn. Sigh.

Nayanthara, most popularly known as “Lady Superstar” of Tamil Cinema over the years has been careful choosing her scripts over the years, doing films like Imaikka Nodigal, Aram, Dora, etc. as well as commercial potboilers like Viswasam. But this one’s a shocker. She’s perhaps getting cosy with her “angry-looking youngster” looks with repeated roles in the same genre which doesn’t help her cause in Mr. Local. Although she gets as much screen space as SK, there’s nothing much to rave about her role although she punches a pack with her splendid performance. Yet again. Neat and clean portrayal of the lady who kills with her good looks.

There’s no one else to talk about in the film, honestly. All other supporting characters like Raadhika Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Yogi Babu and Karunakaran have very little role albeit and with lots of meaningless dialogues. SK explaining a foreigner Rita the essence of Ayudha Pooja in the opening scene followed by the entry song – duh; I was already bored in the fourth frame. Hip Hop Tamizha has delivered 3 hits out of 4 songs and the BGM is well made. The songs are picturized colorfully and some punch-packing lyrics too. Would help SK if he chooses Politics as a profession in the later years. Not sure if the audience will vote him though.


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