Romancing Love - The Sid Sriram way!

Many wondered who this young lad was, from where and how did he land up in the Tamil film music scene and whether he would be a one-film wonder with his unique voice modulations and rendering effortlessly some tricky tunes, after his first number released 6 years back in the film Kadal, which was directed by ace Director Mani Ratnam and music composed by his protégé and confidante AR Rahman, whom he introduced 25 years back in his film Roja. The number “Adiye” was not only an instant hit with great top of mind recall but has also endeared the singer’s successive songs.

In fact in the first half of 2019, there was a new song of Sid which was released online every 15 days or so, taking his total count of songs sung now to around 50 in three languages, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Personally, I have loved his songs all along and have attended a few of his Live concerts as well during which he exudes so much energy that the audience seem to enjoy – while many croon along with him or even clap hands in joy, some tap their feet and a few yet continue to be seated and enjoy his renderings. 

Am sure it’s the same when he performs Carnatic music performances too, which he’s been at in India all the year through and of course during the December Season which he’s been performing at for many years now. Though I haven’t seen him perform live, I had the opportunity to see him on Tv, perform at no better place than at Tirumala a month back, where he performed for over 90 mins non-stop with some breathtaking performance. I was wondering and was even quite sure that Lord Venkataramana would’ve sat in the first row himself to enjoy Sid’s music even as he belted numbers such as Sri Rangapura Vihara or Srinivasa Thirivengadamudaiyaaan...

My all time favourite film musicians (singers) include KS Chitra, P Susheela, SPB, Yesudas and Mano in no particular order. They all have their highs like SPB’s Mannil Inda Kaadhal in which he’s sung two Charanams without a breath break; innumerable numbers of Chitra and Susheela, the voice modulation of Mano in songs such as Mona Mona, Mukkala Muqabula, Hey Shabba, etc. of course, many other songs by many singers. And in that order is Sid Sriram. 

Sid was born in Mylapore, Chennai and was brought up in the US where he learned the basics of Carnatic Music from his mother Smt. Latha Sriram and was introduced to film music by her with Nila Kaigiradhu from the Tamil film Indra which had music scored by AR Rahman. Rest, is all out there. 

Frankly, I have been never written a full article to eulogise an artist (save for my Matinee Idol and Superstar Rajinikanth whom I rever like no other!). But I wanted to write this piece on Sid for just one reason – something that no other artist has done in Tamil Cinema Music. Guess what?

Sid is the only singer perhaps who has sang songs which eulogise all forms of relationships-  Student/Guru, Citizen/Nation, Father/Daughter, Father/Son, Husband/Wife, Couple Love, Sister/Brother and even Human/Bird/Animal Love. I have seen Sid spreading his favourite phrase, “All Love, No Hate” at his concerts, online social media and everywhere else. But never knew that he has been actually achieve something like this. 

Kannana Kanne (Viswasam, 2018) and Kurumba (Tik Tik Tik, 2018) eulogised Father’s love for his daughter and son respectively in these two songs, both songs composed by D. Imman. Early 2019, Sid sang Aalangkuruvigala composed by D. Imman romancing birds and animals, of how they bring so much love to us. And how humans do not reciprocate that love, be it to animals or fellow humans. And finally, a song on sibling romance in Namma Veetu Pillai with “Un koodve Porakkanum”, once again by D. Imman.  

Earlier, Sid gave us an enchanting number on the Late Sri APJ Abdul Kalam, composed by Ghibran with his tribute. In 2018, he gave us a modified version of Tamizh Thai Vaazhthu (a montage song from the film LKG composed by Leon James). 

Being a sucker for songs with meaningful lyrics, I cannot but romanticise love for various things around me with the songs sung by Sid and many others. I don’t really know if he has chosen this pattern or if it’s just happened to him. Whichever way, he’s got millions,  including 4 year olds to septuagenarian fans endeared with his songs. May God, whom he trusts and loves (in fact all his film music concerts have a devotional number too) bless him, his family, friends and fans in abundance. 

Keep enchanting us Sid, let’s spread love and only love to make this planet a better one. 


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