Imaikka Nodigal - Film Review

Imaikka Nodigal
Frankly, I didn’t read a single review before I went to see the film. All I knew was it was a crime thriller, Nayanthara on the lead and Anurag Kashyap on a negative role. I wasn’t even aware that Vijay Sethupathy played an important role in the film, although I had seen Atharva on promos. The songs were out long back and were peppy but were frankly passable. So, I went with a complete open mind to watch the movie.  Boy, I wasn’t disappointed. 

From the first frame till the climax, it was an edge-of the seat (ok, not so much) thriller. The Director conned me at every stage when I predicted a certain outcome which was a great welcome that it wasn’t yet another crime thriller. The very motive of the serial killer Rudra is kept a secret till almost the film ends – I wouldn’t even call it a climax because the film ends suddenly even as you keep thinking the next twist set by the Director. The only predictable scene was when I thought Anurag would get shot and he did.

The film begins in Bangalore with CBI Officer Anjali played by Nayanthara trying to save a girl who’s been abducted by a serial killer whose motive is unclear. Her father pays up the ransom of Rs. 2 Crores, yet the girl is killed mercilessly, using medical techniques which are not fully clear. Next, the serial killer abducts a Minister’s son who also gets killed after he takes his money. The “tracking device” passing by a canal was interesting, frankly. Again, no motive but for money. The case gets interesting here onwards but for a distraction in the form of Anjali’s younger brother who is found sitting on the flyover atop GN Chetty Road, drinking and sharing his love break-up story with his friends. I wonder why today’s Directors make it a point to show their heroes drinking (but not necessarily smoking) although they show the newsreel just before the film commences about the ill effects of smoking and drinking. Atharva refuses to drive since he’s drunk since he has promised his elder sister that he wouldn’t. Now, that’s interesting. If only fans of top heroes also follow their screen idols at least in this… Sigh.

Arjun drives a Mercedes SUV (we don’t know his antecedents), is a budding Doctor, falls in love with a girl who is orphaned since her childhood and so on… the regular mushy stuff. But their break-up scene is intense indeed. I have loved Actor Late Murali’s skills, especially the sob scenes. He was very good at it, thanks to his top notch acting in Idayam and a few more that followed. Atharva has apparently built an image quite contrary to his father – one that is peppy, comical, action oriented with lots of biceps on display and of course, some amazing dancing skills running around trees, mountains and sets – something we never saw of Murali the Actor. Atharva carries the film on his shoulders along with Nayanthara all along.

Then the third kidnapping happens which still doesn’t nail the intention of Rudra who makes a mockery of Police and CBI with his interesting maneuvers. It’s an out and out chase between a Tiger and a Hyena as Anurag says with his wicked voice well complemented with similar and powerful visual reactions on his eyes and face. Seems he’s an underrated actor and has showed his might with some fantastic moments. Finally, the baddie is killed although not for his serial killing but something more than that, which is the final twist in the tale. 

Nayanthara has walked a long away. When I first saw her in Chandramukhi in 2005, I was of the opinion that she would see her sunset soon. But she seems to be on a roll right now, what with so any varied roles in back to back movies. Makes me think, she has just begun. Imaikka Nodigal is a visual treat and is a must see movie at a theatre near you. 


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