Charlie Chaplin 2 - Movie Review

Charlie Chaplin 2 released in theatres in February 2019 and on SunNxt OTT App in March 2019. Loosely termed after the prequel starring the same combo of Prabhudeva and Prabhu, CC2 is supposed to be a comedy film with a message. While the second part is somewhat achieved, the former is a joke, really. Most of the scenes are neither comical nor funny; PD perhaps thought he can bring back his humour of the 90s and fails miserably at that. His makeup is shoddy and doesn’t suit his character’s age one bit. Prabhu tries hard to be funny but ends up being funny. 

Nikhi Galrani is the glamour doll of the film although carries the film well and sincerely. Adah Sharma appears briefly but has performed her scenes well. Music is a disaster overall, save for the Chinna Machan song sung by Senthil Ganesh and his wife, which were showcased on Tv and YouTube long before the film’s release and went on to become a chartbuster on Radio and Music Apps.

I am not going to reveal the story of the film. Because there IS really no story. A guy is about to marry his love but fears the marriage will be stalled due to his drunken revelry on the eve of his marriage. That the marriage happens well and all is well is the story. The ensuing sequences and their consequences drag the film for 2 hours.  

But there is a genuine good intent from the Director, which I must credit him for. Never doubt those you love. It’s human tendency to distrust even our Creator if He will help and save us when we need him the most, but the trust on our loved ones must be unconditional. Claps and Kudos Sakthi Chidambaram for trying to highlight the cause of trust among couples, especially the millenials. Also, the Director has highlighted the tamil adage “Kannal parpathum, kaadhal ketpadum Poi” - what you see or hear may not be true. Lastly, the Director sends a stern message how sharing communication on social media platforms like Whatsapp can turn out to be disastrous at times. 

This review is as mindless as the movie or more. Do catch CC2 on SunNxt on a lazy noon so you can doze off midway. Sleep well. Am yawning writing this piece. 


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