Saamy 2 - Film Review

Being a big fan of Saamy which released in 2004 starring Vikram and Trisha and having watched the film so many times and having become a big fan of the racy screenplay writer Hari, I was quite eager to watch Saamy 2. Various reasons and I skipped watching on the big screen and it finally landed up on OTT. During a travel, caught up some time and watched the movie in 2 instalments, thankfully. 

From the word go, the movie was a disaster. Trisha is replaced by Aishwarya Rajesh briefly and plays the same character of Molagapodi which is down right disgusting to watch. I mean, why would the Director or how could he even fantasise this stupidity? There was no reason, really for that flashback. Perhaps he could have taken some scenes from the previous version and edited even badly which the audience would have accepted. 

The film moves very slowly between Delhi, Dehradun, Tirunelveli, Sri Lanka and Airports. All key characters including Vikram, Keerthy Suresh, Prabhu and Bobby Simha are travelling all the time in some vehicle. Not sure if the producer paid for the travel or just the scenes involving such travel. 

Perumal Pitchai, the villain of Saamy (1) is killed by Aarusamy. His son Raavana Pitchai (whattay naame!) kills Aarusaamy and his wife (Aishwarya Rajesh). So Aarusaamy’s son Ramasamy takes revenge on Raavana Pitchai by becoming ACP of Tirunelveli. Although he gets a transfer order, Ramasamy takes umbrage under none other than the Hon’ble President of India and gets the order quashed. Well, yes anything can happen in Cinema. 


Looks like Director Hari has taken a huge influence from Telugu cinema after shooting Singam3 at Vizag three years ago as the screenplay is remarkably similar to some Telugu films. DSP has given some peppy numbers which as usual have an uncanny resemblance to his previous works. The irony is that during the felicitation event of Illayaraja 75, DSP said he prays to the photo of Raja everyday before commencing work. I have nothing to say. 

If you have PayTM cash left, order some junk on Swiggy to watch this junk. A fizzy drink should help you flush out both.


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