Your Christmas or Mine?

It’s Christmas time, so makes a lot of connect to watch movies which have been made for the season! This one is on Amazon Prime and wouldn’t let you down for sure.

Hayley Taylor (Cora Kirk) and Hubert James Hughes (Asa Butterfield) are classmates and are departing by train to their respective family homes. The couple seem to be deeply entrenched in love and seem to already miss each other’s absence. In a sudden last minute decision, they alight from their respective trains and board the other one’s train. Each one wishes to surprise the other by coming to the other’s place for Christmas. Sounds a bit odd, as ideally they would wish to reunite with their families for the holidays. Alas, both have done the same thing, so they are going to be travelling solo, without each other!  When they arrive at their respective destinations, they figure out they did not travel with the other.

Hayley manages to walk all the way, finding Hubert’s house, only to be accosted by a gunman who assumes her to be there to steal apples from his garden. When she actually sees his home, she is stunned. It’s a palace. Almost. She discovers that his father is Lord Humphrey, the Earl of Gloucester. A string former Army man, he initially confuses her to be the one who has come to do the household chores. She informs him that Hubert and she are classmates. The Lord assumes that they both study together at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst where Hubert is supposed to be following the family tradition. Little does he know that his son is actually studying drama instead.

Meanwhile, Hubert reaches Hayley’s modest middle class home, which is filled with her family members, parents, grandparents, sisters & b-i-il and their kids. They all are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Hayley and he mentions that they two study together at Graduate school. The two get on a call and decide not to inform their respective families that they are together. 

What happens thereafter is a bit of comedy of errors, some heavy emotional scenes and of course the melting point where Hubert meets Steve (Lucien Laviscount), fiancé of Hayley. 

Hayley decides to break-in to the private chambers of the Earl and decorate the room, much to his chagrin, who chides her of stepping in to his privacy. Pained, she leaves the house but forgets to carry her asthma medication, only to be brought to her by the Earl, who rescues her amidst the cold and chill of the snowy weather.

Hubert’s heart breaks as he assumes that she is seeing him despite being engaged. Hayley, then informs her mother that she secretly broke up with Steve, much to the relief of her father. Upset with the whole thing, Hubert decides to walk out of the home, only to come back as the trains are cancelled due to inclement weather.

Meanwhile, the gunman guarding the apple orchard is none other than Lord Humphrey’s father, which Hayley gets to know and the reasons why the whole family is so spoiled. Perhaps why Hubert never wanted to return to the castle. On the other hand, Hubert understand Hayley’s guilt of not informing her family of her break-up with Steve. 

The two families decide to unite the couple but in a comical twist, the entire familes reach each other’s homes! All this, driving all the way into the snow – one in their tractor and another in a makeshift Food Truck. The couple eventually unite on Christmas day, making their families happy for them. 

The 90-minute film is well made with scenes of how Christmas is spent in middle class Britain with some spectacular visuals of the countryside. Good movie to watch with family this holiday season!


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