Change is the only constant

Change is the only constant. We have heard this before in our lives, from parents to elders to mentors to well wishers. But to convey it to the general public through a mass medium such as music and cinema is not only innovative but also a great attempt to get the point to the world at large. And this was very well done in the song "Maatram Ondrudaan" from the film Kochadaiiyaan. Penned by lyricist Vairamuthu, composed by  and sung by Haricharan, Superstar Rajinikanth has immortalized the number in the film. In fact, he has also read out a few lines which makes the song one of its kind ever. Positioned as a philosophical poem uttered by the warrior commander of the King's mighty army, the song can be related to our daily lives as well.

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"Change is the only Constant". In the form of Kochadaiiyaan, Superstar Rajinikanth advises youngsters to be ready to face change. Here is a summary;

Kochadaiiyaan asks youngsters to maintain patience, so you can sweep even water, once they have become ice-cubes. Money can rent you happiness, but cant buy it. Wake up before sunrise, and you can even win over the Sun. Are you your name or your body, neither but your actions. God plans but it is up to you to execute. The Boss says "Go", Leader says "Lets Go". Which one are you? If you run, misery will follow you, rather stand up and it shall pass by. Control your anger, if you rise with anger you will fall with disgrace.

And lastly he sums it up, This is a passing phase...

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