Disconnect: The Wedding Planner

What happens when you know nothing about an interesting start-up business and still go ahead and attempt doing it, guessing some angel will help you succeed? The film shows how and why it may not work all the time!

Otis is a playboy living in Nairobi and has trouble inheriting his family business. He flirts with many girls and ends up dumping each one of them, time and again. He is also a father to his daughter but his ex-wife has moved on in life. He is pitching his business idea to a potential Investor Dele but the latter is not convinced if Otis is trustworthy. His partner Khalid is also not sure of Otis’ acts and doesn’t trust him much. That’s when Otis proposes to Dele to allow him organise his wedding in a grand manner in Kenya. After much reluctance, Otis and his fiancĂ© agree to this. 

However, Otis has no clue whether he can pull this off by his own, so he invites his friends Richard & his girlfriend Celine, TK, Judy and Khalid to the Kenyan resort a few days before the wedding. Much happens out there between the friends. Richard falls for Judy who is already going through a troubled separation. When he gets to know that Celine was going around with Josh earlier, he gets infuriated and TK has to intervene saying he is no better for his infidelity with Judy. A fun riot goes on for a while with meaningless comical scenes here and there. 

When Dele and his fiancĂ©, her parents and his father arrive at the resort, they are shocked to see the wedding preparations as it is not as per her liking. Otis and his friends try to make amends to make the best of what’s available. At the wedding, Dele denies his investment to Otis as he prefers to invest in Khalid’s business. This instigates Otis to beat up Dele in front of everyone. Ruckus prevails.

Eventually, Otis realises that TK is his true love and they decide to live together. Judy and Khalid are seeing at the Obstetrician when Otis & TK visit the hospital. 

Such mindless comedies are some relief once in a while. This South African movie has dialogues mostly in English and in Swahili once in a while (with subtitles). Use discretion while watching with young kids as there are some intimate scenes between couples. Watch on Netflix.



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