Thunivu - Movie Review

Bank heists are a common subject when it comes to international films. Many are based on true stories, some are really well made. Over two decades back, Amitabh Bachchan’s Aankhen was all praise for it’s content and crew’s excellent acting. Thunivu is perhaps the first of its kind in its genre in Tamil cinema. After a bit of it in Billa and Mankatha, Ajith Kumar is back in his badass avatar. Spanning 145 mins, the film sets the ball rolling within the first 15 mins. 

Darkdevil aka Chief (Ajith Kumar) and his smart crew are a gang of robbers with various international heists to their credit. They are much sought after, with their impeccable track record, access to the latest technology, weapons and what not. Kanmani (Manju Warrier), Amir, Pavni and Ciby are part of the gang as well. 

It is interesting that the protagonist doesn’t have a defined first name all through the film! Yes, Ajith is addressed with various monikers and not really an actual name. At the end of the movie, we see Y OR AK… loosely assumed as Your Ajith Kumar (AK).

A gang draws a meticulous plan to loot Rs. 500 Cr from Your Bank. Once they get inside, they are surprised to see Ajith inside, who claims there is Rs. 5000 Cr at stake. The gang starts working briefly for AK, only to be checkmated by insiders in the bank. The bank’s Chairman, has apparently stashed Rs. 25,000 Crores inside the lockers duping gullible customers who had invested in Mutual Funds. How Ajith & his team retrieve the money back is the rest of the movie. To commit suicide or to run away from problems is not the solution, quips the Macho-man at the end. 

After daring stunts in cars, trains, helicopters, trucks, buses and what not, this time we see AK doing some interesting stuff on speed boats. No guesses if a body double was used, as is never the case with Ajith for many years now. 

Nirav Shah’s camera work, as always is a class apart while Ghibran’s maiden trip with AK is well done. The songs are peppy, although they do not have a real context in the movie. H. Vinoth has already done two films earlier with Ajith, Nerkonda Parvai and Valimai but this one is quite different and has bought out new aspects of actor Ajith Kumar. We see a brand new Ajith in this, something of a stylish villainism which is seen in foreign films, especially Spanish / French. A swag that only he can carry, one that he has displayed in Billa and Mankatha.

Thunivu rests on Ajith’s strength to take up any role, any character, any genre and still prove he is the only comparison for himself. In theatres from 11 Jan. onwards, 4 days before the Pongal festival, am sure the theatre owners will fill their cash registers all through this month with the film expected to do really well, even as it clashes with Actor Vijay’s Varisu. 


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